The "Ten reasons" why to work with KZET

1. Our main offices in Prague and Karlovy Vary are giving us possibility to spread all operations in most popular destinations.
2. We are fully case oriented and so we really care about every stay and about every client.
3. We are flexible and ready to answer on any individual request. Our staff is ready to support you and help you to find most effective alternatives.
4. We are specialized in FIT, so every stay is modified according to wish of clients, starting with selection stay dates, type of accommodation and transfers.
5. Thank you to longtime direct relationship with major hotels and spa hotels we can offer the very balanced range of services at reasonable prices.
6. Our main products are accessible by our on line system, where we provide full “live” support for B2B and also for B2C interface.
7. We have the specialised partner support team, which is ready to help you in many possible directions.
8. We organize regular info tours, fam trips and specialized seminars. Just ask.
9. Not only access to our online system but also our complex B2B interfaces is free of charge for our partners.
10. We support also full integration of our on line system directly to the partner websites (iFrame, API, affiliate links), so your client can search and order products directly on your website.

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