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The dawn of the city of Teplice is linked to its mineral springs. Knowledge of healing springs in the Teplice valley dates back approximately 2000 years, which is documented by archaeological findings of Roman coins in the Pravřídlo (Primary Hot Spring) and 2000-year old Celtic coins and jewellery in the Giant Spring near Duchov. The Antique tradition of giving thanks to the healing power of mineral springs by throwing coins or other gifts into the spring has proven that the Teplice springs are among the longest known and intensively utilised springs in Central Europe. 



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It is located in a peaceful area of Teplice, surrounded by an extensive park.
The Beethoven Spa building is a part of the historical heart of the city. It originated through a sensitive, architectonic joining of the different, original spa buildings. The nearby Sadové (Orchard) Spa building also belongs to the Beethoven’s Spa. Celebrities such as L. van Beethoven, R. Wagner, J.W. Goethe, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, A. von Humboldt and many others were successfully treated here.
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2,754.00 EUR
34 days


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Specialized in treating adults and childern. A Neo-Baroque spa building from 1911 (originally opened as Empress Elizabeth Spa to commemorate the visit of famous Sissi) . Located in Šanovský Park, one of the most beautiful parts of Teplice. All services are available under one roof – accommodation, boarding, and treatment with no necessary transfers. Thermal swimming pool, salt cave, free WiFi internet access in the lobby and in Café Restaurant Sissi. The spa building is non-smoking.

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2,754.00 EUR
34 days
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