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    Karlovy Vary
    01.12.2022 - 08.12.2022
    7 days
    1 persons
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Czech Republic
Before travelling to a destination you have never been to before, it is advisable to get hold of some basic information in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. We have prepared a summary of everything a foreigner might need in the Czech Republic. We will advise you what clothes you should take with you, how to connect to the Internet in the Czech Republic, what the Czech crown exchange rate is, which credit cards can be used, and also what sort of tips should be paid in restaurants…<<<CzechTourism.com

Основная информация
  • Capital: Prague 
  • Population: 10 500 000  
  • Territory: 78 867 km²
  • Official language: чешский
  • Currency: Czech Crown.  
  • Time zone: UTC +1 (summer UTC +2)


Room types: Double room, Suite, Junior suite
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  • Treatment for children 6 -15 years only under specific (special control, limited procedures).
    Check in 14:00, Check out 12:00.


The spa hotel OLYMPIC PALACE located in the heart of Karlovy Vary Spa zone  with more than a hundred years of history was completely renovated 2015. A total of 58 fully air-conditioned and stylish rooms are readyfor you. Spa hotel offers a complete spa treatment in extraordinarily equippedbalneologically centre. Win memorable experiences in hotel restaurant andbeautifully decorated lounges every day. Your spa stay is improved by a fullrange of relaxation services in our wellness center, cardio center, swimmingpool, salt cave or beauty salon.

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1,050.00 EUR
7 days


Room types:
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  • Treatment for children 6 -15 years only under specific (special control, limited procedures).

    Check in 14:00, Check out 11:00

ROYAL REGENT ****+  which is opened from April 2010, offers their guests a broad spectrum of top services in the category first class superior in perfectly designed interiors.  Hotel St.Joseph ROYAL REGENT is located in very quiet part of spa area and also close to all springs. Balneological department St. Joseph´s Spa of top standard on more than 350 sq.m. A real jewel is a big swimming pool with a counter current and waterfalls from which you can watch the sky and nature. 
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Price from
1,120.00 EUR
7 days
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